We are aware this sounds like you’re just about to go into a club but what’s in the bag? Well everything you need for a legendary festival experience in one neat little package, that’s what. Can we get a hell yeah…


Sleeping Bag



Roll Mat




FestivalBag 2 Person Tent

The FestivalBag tent for two gives you comfortable shelter in a compact package.

You can either chose to kip in the tent on your tod and have enough space to starfish or if you get lucky, bring someone to share your tent experience. We are not here to judge.

It’s easy to put up and on average takes people 10 minutes to pitch (the quickest time recorded at FestivalBag HQ was 5 minutes!).

The darker inner lining keeps it dark and you cool inside, meaning you get a better sleep whether that’s in the day or the night – there’s less unwanted day light to interrupt your slumber! There are also vents to allow steady airflow so you don’t get too stinky in there and condensation won’t build up inside.

This tent really is perfect for festivals and quick weekend camping trips when you’re REUSING it.

FB 2 person tent details:

Level 2: Moderate Weather Conditions not intended for extreme conditions.
Folding size: 65 x 10cm
Inner tent open size: 200 x 140 x 100cm
Fly tent is: 205+70cm x 150cm x 105cm
Material: Fly is polyester, PU1500mm
Inner is polyester plain fabric breathable.
Logo is white colour on the tent and carry bag
Tent pole: Dia7.9mm fibre glass pole, 3pcs
Accessories: 1pc carry – bag, 1pc washing label, 4pcs zipper #5 zipper, 1pc bar code, 1pc poly bag, 18pcs steel pegs, 6pcs 1.8m guy ropes, 12pcs plastic hooks, 8pcs elastic ropes, 4pcs velcros, 1pc window on the fly,6pcs steel fix rings.
Net weight: 2557g ± 20g

FestivalBag Sleeping Bag

Let’s be honest sleeping won’t be high on your agenda but the double zip, fully lined FestivalBag sleeping bag will help hug you when you’re lying in your tent and contemplating your life choices. The sleeping bag is equipped with a draught collar, hood and stuff sack so it will take up hardly any space in the tent.

It’s fully machine washable so even if you have to endure a sweaty night’s sleep or it gets covered in beer just take it home and wash it and put it on the line… or ask your mom. Aren’t parents great.

FB sleeping bag details:

2 Seasons – Late Spring to Early Autumn

Folding size: 28 x 40cm
Open size: 220 x 80 x 55cm
Material: Shell is polyester plain fabric;
Inner is pongee fabric
Logo is white colour on the sleeping bag and compression bag
Filling is 200g/m2 100% hollow fibre
Net weight: 1218g ± 20g

FestivalBag Pillow

Did you know a pillow is the most frequently forgotten item on a camping trip? Random but true. But no need to fear FestivalBag is here. This pillow might have a basic capacity but it will stop you getting a crick in the neck and can be inflated to your desired firmness.

FB pillow details:

Deflating size: 38 x 23cm, Inflating size: 33 x 20 x 10cm
Material: Top is flocked fabric
Bottom is PVC
Logo is white colour on the air pillow
Colour is grey
Net weight 77g ± 3g

FestivalBag Chair

This chair is fab, lightweight and durable. What more could you want? It means there is no sitting in the mud and not everyone takes a chair with them so you’ll look #fancy.

FB chair details:

Folding size: 36 x 10 x 11cm
Open size: 54 x 62 x 51cm
Material: 600D oxford fabric W/R
Black colour Polyester B3 mesh
Logo is white colour on the chair and carry bag
Steel pole: Dia 18 x 0.8mm
12 × 1.2mm black colour steel pole
Net weight: 1530g ± 10g

FestivalBag Roll Mat

Some people take air beds to a festival but who can be bothered with pumping it up for what feels like hours and inevitably getting a puncture and ending up sleeping on the ground anyway?!

This is why we are providing you with a roll mat.

Simple to fold up and simple to reuse… SIMPLES!

FB roll mat details:

Folding size: 56 × 15.5 × 13.5cm
open size: 185 x 56 x 1.5cm
Material: XPE foam mat
Colour is red
Net weight: 330g ± 20g

FestivalBag Biodegradable Poncho

One thing we can’t sort for you is the weather but the lightweight, not too geeky FestivalBag poncho is the festival life saver you need. You’ve got a hood and it fits any size so you could even be a good egg and give it to someone else to keep them dry.

FB biodegradable poncho details:

Poncho Size: 127cm wide x 102cm high (body) + 33cm wide 36cm high (hood)
Material: Virgin LDPE +1% reverted biodegradable additive
Thickness: 0.02mm
Colour: Transparent

FestivalBag Mallet

This mallet is light enough to be able to pick it up but heavy enough to ensure you can make the pegs secured deep into the ground so your tent doesn’t fly away! What more could you want from a mallet?

FB mallet details: 

Size: 25 x 8cm Dia: 4.5cm
Material: PP plastic
Colour: Red
Net weight: 85g ± 3g

FestivalBag Biodegradable Rubbish Bag

We don’t want to sound like we are cramping your style but it really isn’t that hard to put rubbish into a rubbish bag. I mean even a baby can crack that concept. Do it as the festival is happening or do it at the end, we don’t care, just do it. Fill up the bag and leave it wherever you camped. We will come and ensure it gets disposed of post festival. We are nice like that.

FestivalBag itself

This beaut is water resistant and really easy to store during the festival. Some people use it as a laundry bag, others to keep dirty shoes in before they enter their tents, but that’s your business. Heck if you’re really inventive with it post a picture on one of our social streams and we might even send you an extra REWARD.

Unfortunately we don’t sell any of the items separately at present BUT if you think this is a good idea, holla and let us know.

*Also please note some of the items might vary in colour to that shown on this website.

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