Our Story

FestivalBag began life as the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Nick Bennett. His son had been to a well-known UK festival and left pretty much EVERYTHING behind. When Jay returned home with merely a small backpack, a weakened immune system and a handful of items for the washing machine Nick (after getting over being mad) saw an opportunity.

He knew Jay unfortunately wasn’t the only person that would have gone home in this predicament. There’s got to be a better way of doing this… and so the seed was sown. Nick also owns a logistics firm and has worked in logistics for decades, travel has always fascinated him. He even loved Thomas the Tank as a kid… anyway he knew if Jay didn’t have to mission all of his kit back post festival and it could have been delivered home he wouldn’t be in this current dilemma. BINGO. Let’s just get it picked up and sent back. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

We initially started with an idea called FestivalBox, the logo was green and box cumbersome but we knew we needed input from the festivals, festival campers, sustainability knowers and homeless charities to make sure the offering was right.

Our first focus group was with 8 recent festival campers aged 17-21, the session was awesome and they helped use grow the idea to ensure a mallet and pillow was included in the offering. Can you believe we thought a blow up airbed was a good idea!! By the way, we are always running focus groups to help us evolve FestivalBag – if you’d like to be considered for the next focus group event please message us on: FocusGroup@myfestivalbag.com.

We then reached out to Festival Republic as they run and manage the majority of UK festivals. What they don’t know about running a successful festival is not worth knowing. They wanted to chat, how exciting. With their input FestivalBox evolved into FestivalBag. And FestivalBag continues to evolve to this day. If you stay still you’ve merely given up…

We are now excited to be offering a sustainable and hassle free way of moving equipment to and from a festival. This is FestivalBag. Born from the fact that Jay was a lazy, hungover git!

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