Our Green Promise

We’re nosey at FestivalBag HQ and we wanted to know why so many tents and equipment were left post festival. So we held some focus groups and asked ‘you’.

Other than being hanging, lazy buggers 100% of the participants thought the stuff they left would go to charitable causes. NEWS FLASH: Unfortunately this is not the case!

So we have had discussions with organisations such as Julie’s Bicycles, Glastonbury, Festival Republic, FWRD – Festival Waste Reclamation and Distribution to understand how, as a service and product into UK festival culture, we could ensure a sustainable approach throughout our entire operation without merely ‘GREEN WASHING’.

#REUSE – Doing our Bit

We really want to aid a reduction of waste generation and waste to landfill from UK festivals. So with guidance we have created a sustainability policy which is our green promise. We have assessed our influence on social, environmental and economic elements of our business and have a plan that will deliver benefits and results which is continually monitored. Each year we will review this policy and aim to strengthen and improve it. If you’d like a copy please email: sustainability@myfestivalbag.com.

If you or your organisation would like to work in collaboration with FestivalBag to embrace UK festival sustainability, that is ace, please get in touch. We really want to hear from you.

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